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Everybody loves parties at Color Me Mine!!! Give us a reason and we'll give you a party! Birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, reunions, housewarmings. We'll provide everything your guests will need to create their own masterpiece.

Our Cool Parties...

We're all fired up about our party packages!
Our package includes all the great elements you'll need to give your guest-of-honor a super time - painting and creating plus celebrating with you and their friends.

Our Cool Party Packages Include:
*Studio time for painting, clear glazing and firing.
*Guests up to age 8 enjoy a 1 1/2 hour party.
*Guests 9 and older enjoy a 2 hour party.
*Stencils, Stamps and our Design Computer (Choose from 25,000 Art Images).
*All paper products, plates, cups, napkins, utensils.
*Children's parties only, receive a commemorative gift for all the guests to sign if chosen in the package! Adult parties may request the commemorative gift for an additional fee.

A deposit of $100.00 is required (refundable up to one week before the event date) and will be applied to your total party bill upon settlement.
There is a 10 guests minimum.
*Our party area is fun and festive and space is limited.
*Guests and hosts only, enjoy a shopping trip!
15% gratuity applied to all party packages.
Any party package studio time can be extended for an additional $50 fee for each additional half hour.

$25 (per painter) Children's Package:
For this nice package, you will recieve the exclusive party room! Along with the room, you will get a pottery piece for each of your guests. When your party arrives everyone can pick their own piece from our wide variety of items.Then finally, you will have your choice of either a birthday cake or a commemorative plate. We order your birthday cake from local bakeries and design it to your specific needs, wants, or requests. If you wish to have to one-of-a-kind plate, we will design it for the birthday guest to what they wish. From favorite tv characters, to princesses, to animals, to foods, we can put whatever you would like on your Happy Birthday Plate!

$30 (per painter) Package:
This deluxe package includes everything in the $25 children's package! To add, we include as many invitations as you will need plus extra, incase life happens. We have party favors such as stuffed animals, tattoos, friendship bracelets, bubles, stickers, candy, and more! Then we add a little food to the mix. We provide enough pizza to provide for 2 slices per child!

Adult Parties:
With a minimum of 10 guests you can enjoy 2 hours in our exclusive party room for only $10 per painter plus the price of the pieces. We offer a unique environment with friendly staff to aid you with simple requests and your event.

underglaze (paint), and at your request sponges, stamps, stencils, brushes and all accessory items are available for artists to create their masterpieces.

Each Guest will receive a pottery piece to paint,

We will give simple instructions, help organize the festivities, provide stress relief for you and most importantly...CLEAN UP

Parties ages 11 and under are 1 1/2 hour long. Parties for adults are 2 hours long. Any party package can be extended for an additional $50 for each extra 1/2 hour.

Glazing and Firing:
Relax, we'll do this part for you! Your pieces will usually be ready for pickup or shipping within one week of your party and individually wrapped with each painters name.

Special note:
At Color Me Mine we believe the sole purpose of our parties is that your guests enjoy themselves. Your guests are not attending art class. We will not embarrass anyone by giving special attention to any painter unless that painter seeks us out specifically for help.

*10 guests minimum per package please.
*Guests up to age 10 enjoy a 1 1/2 hour party.
*Our party area is fun and festive and space is limited. Please encourage your adult "chaperones" to enjoy the time on their own to complete errands, catch up on work, or enjoy themselves shopping all the wonderful stores in the area.

or call: 412-854-1074

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